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Rupa is an artisan who works with applique handicrafts, hailing from Pipli, Odisha.

“My blessings to Thoomri.com for promoting our products and culture. I am able to make an income of Rs. 4000 per month due to them and thus sustain my daughter and myself. My income was a single digit figure and now has multifolded, and thus we are leading a comfortable life. Thoomri. com has given artisans like me a platform to utilise and monetise our abilities and I am very thankful to Thoomri.”


Abhiram is an artisan from Raghurajpur, the heritage craft village in the district of Puri, Odisha. Abhiram specialises in “Pattachitra” and Palm Leaf Etching. Thoomri has associated with Abhiram since its very inception, thus the bond we have with him is very special to us.

“I receive orders from Thoomri amounting to about Rs 10,000 - 15,000 every month. My association with Thoomri is much more than the monetary value they give, I am happy to know there is a contemporary entity recognising our talent and handicrafts. Thoomri has encouraged all of us and given us further belief in the fact that our craft is undying and will survive in modern times.”


Acharya is a Stone-Carving artisan from the Puri district in Odisha. He has over 50 years’ experience in stone-art.

“In 50+ years of my career, I had never imagined that our stone carvings could be sold online. I am thankful to Thoomri for giving us the opportunity to promote our products globally. Thoomri has also reinstalled in us the value of our craft, thus giving us the belief that our crafts are ever so valuable across the globe. Our work requires a lot of skill, dedication and patience, and not everyone recognises that, we are thankful that contemporary entities like Thoomri exist”

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