Silver Filigree.

Indian culture is embellished with many types of jewelry and interior decoration, and filagree work is one among the foremost attractive forms that are created by the craftsmen since ages. each interior decoration objects and designer jewelry created with filagree are fascinating individuals with their lovely styles.

Filigree essentially refers to gold or silver wires complex to form a lace like decoration. it's thought-about to be the proper variety of art to be used for arabesque styles. The delicacy of this art makes it associate degree seductive and female form of jewelry.

Filigree add silver is sort of well-liked within the jap states of India. within the world of silver handcraft, silver filagree offers the foremost exquisite look to the jewelry. Since the traditional times, individuals in India are exploitation this way of jewelry creation. plenty of patience associate degreed diligence is needed in making a filagree piece because it desires high point to return out with an in an elaborate way designed lovely look.

In India, individuals of the Cuttack town of Orissa state are majorly concerned in making this art. quite 100 families in Cuttack town are engaged in manufacturing varied patterns of filagree jewelry. The filagree art is popularly referred to as ‘Cuttacki Tarkasi’ among the native individuals of the state. For its knotty styles and sensible creative patterns, filagree jewelry of Orissa is legendary everywhere the globe. For the individuals of Orissa, filagree has been a major export item since precedent days. Not solely this, it additionally symbolizes the excellence and showcased the talent of Orissa’s craftsmen.

Thoomri’s elegant assortment of silver filagree includes earrings and interior decoration gift things. we have a tendency to powerfully believe that "Art" shouldn’t be one thing thus precious that you simply solely place it on a shelf. thence we have a tendency to rework it into wearable jewelry, ornamental artifacts, and unforgettable gifts. Nor ought to style be thus far-fetched from our culture, that we’re unable to adorn it. we try to revive and convey the art of filagree from Odisha to the globe.

At Thoomri, we have a tendency to make sure that every rigorously created piece exudes exactness and sweetness, bearing the hallmark of excellence in art, skill and precious silver. we have a tendency to are seekers of contemporary concepts so we produce tailored silver filagree jewelry and interior decoration – as distinctive and individualistic as you're.