Rs. 46,000.00

Dimension: 47"x32"(inch)

Painting is one of the finest medium of communication. As it commonly said, a picture is worth a thousand words so it is obvious that an intensely beautiful painting is worth a billion. This gripping handmade painting with a religious undertone attests this fact. This symbolic display of Hinduism through the use of vibrant colours can render one speechless.

The powerful description of the austere Yogi in Dhyana/meditation is truly impressive. The positive energy is as if transgressing through the canvas into the life of the discerners as the magnificent depiction of the contented yogi in so surreal.

Another potent feature which has been beautifully painted is the numerous ghantas/bells which are symbolic of the plurality of belief inherent in the religion. Bell or Ghanta hanging in front of the sanctum sanctorum is an indispensable part of Hindu temples. The sound produced from a well-designed Ghanta is uninterrupted, deep and reverberating as if long strains of the sound ‘OM’. It is generally believed to be a call of invitation to the deities to accept the adulation and prayers. The superbly painted hanging bells have turned the painting absolutely inviting. The water-filled kamandal/oblong pot which is customarily carried by Hindu hermits reflects their simplicity and austerity. The realistic representation of it on the canvas is ethereal in effect.

The spiritualism of this Indian religion has intrigued individuals beyond the geographical boundaries of India, who get attracted to India in search of peace and tranquility. This marvelously painted masterpiece entraps all the elements of rich Indian spiritualism. Thus if one is desirous to have a bit of it with oneself then one can do that by possessing this awe-inspiring piece of art. A colourful and amazing gift for the wandering soul. This painting is a promise of a pint of tranquility.



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