Rs. 3,150.00

Dimensions: 3.5"x4"x1"

The solid art work of excellence has the hard work of the artist who believes in creating a poetry on the stone. The intricate detailing done on the art work is worthy of appreciation. It has assimilated the craftsmanship with perfection and blended it with faith. This is an emblem of faith to be preserved in the home where you live with your beloved people.Hence an ideal gift article for any household.

Origin:   Carving stone into sculpture is an activity older than civilization itself, beginning perhaps with incised images on cave wall.Stone carving in Odisha is the ancient practice of sculpting stone into art and utilitarian objects. It is an ancient practice in the Indian state of Odisha

TechniqueStone carving is an activity where pieces of rough natural stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone.An outline of sorts is first drawn on the cut-to-size stone. Once the outline is engraved, the final figure is brought out by removing the unwanted portions. For the harder stones, this is done by chiselling out the extra material. With softer stones, it is done by scraping out the extra material with a sharp flat-edged iron tool. Hammers and chisels of various sizes are used 

UseFavoured for their handcrafted designs and durability, stone statues add eye-catching features to any garden or lawn. A well designed stone art not only used for decorative purposes it can be used for spiritual purposes.



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