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Rs. 4,475.00
Dimensions :- 5.5"x4.5"x6.3" (inches) The kneeling Ganesha is described vividly in the realm of symbolic significance in Feng Sui.It is described as the elephant energy or the symbol of gigantic power. He is beyond any creed or culture as well as regarded as the epicenter of positivity. The exquisitely designed...
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Creative geniuses can create wonder out of anything. The indigenious craftsmanship of the Indian artist has produced a spectacular sculpture of the Indian Hindu lord Ganesha. It?s hard to imagine that such a divine sitting idol bedecked in a lovely peacock throne is carved out of stone. The auspicious stone...
Rs. 6,300.00
Dimensions: 13"x8"x3"  The sitting statue of lord Ganesha has been adroitly chiseled by eastern orthodox stone artists. The hand-crafted master piece is sure to garner huge appreciation each time one come across this thing of beauty. The sitting posture of the most worshiped deity of Hinduism has been created with...
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Rs. 3,150.00
Dimensions: 3.5"x4"x1" The solid art work of excellence has the hard work of the artist who believes in creating a poetry on the stone. The intricate detailing done on the art work is worthy of appreciation. It has assimilated the craftsmanship with perfection and blended it with faith. This is an...
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Rs. 4,410.00
 (3"x4"x1.5)inches Tribhanga or the tri-bent gesture of Krishna has an enormous significance in the Leela (activities in Srimad Bhagabat Geeta). It depicts mirth and glories of adolescent moments locked in the beautiful statue. Special gesture of Tribhanga also represents the magnificent grace of benevolent youth. Carved on the auspicious sign...
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Rs. 31,500.00
Dimensions: 7"x7"x18" The awe-inspiring figurine of Indian charming lord Krishna has been shaped by scraping away portions of green sandstone. The brilliant standing statue of Shri Krishna is admirable and commands great reverence. Remarkable for its aesthetic sense, stone art has earned fervent global appreciation. The minute details of the...
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Stone Carved Saraswati: She is the goddess of creativity and wisdom. As one of the most significant symbol of the trinity of woman power she bestows creative energy grace and aural bliss as per the ancient scriptures and tantric verses. She personifies the art, craftsmanship, quest for divine peace. This...
Rs. 6,930.00
Stone Carved Shiva Parvati: As a gift article it represents your benevolance for a couple.They are the personification of divine unity and marital love. The statue indicates the togetherness to create a new beginning. People facing turmoil in their marital relationship may seek peace from it. Shiva being the signature...
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